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Automated Backups

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Category: Other


This 2 minute install add-on gives you daily automated backups of your web shop, updated every hour. Both files and database are backed up in separate files. Backups older than 30 days (configurable) are automatically removed.

If no time-based cron job is set up, your osCommerce catalog will automatically push for a backup job itself after 60 minutes (configurable).

The script will first try to use external components: mysqldump, wget, gzip, zip, and PHP exec(). If those are not supported, a minimum requirement is that you have the PHP ZIP extension installed.

Caution! Backing up a huge amount of files can be a lengthy process. Make sure your system has all the resources needed for process time, memory and disk usage. Make sure you don\\\'t exceed your disk quota.

This add-on has been viewed by 2,975 users and downloaded 5 times.
Tags: automatic, automated, backups, file, database

Price: $29 USD
Excluding SE VAT 25%
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+ Option to manually select mysql backup method.
+ Option to manually select compression method.

Full package!

osCommerce 2.2 MS1, osCommerce 2.2 MS2, osCommerce 2.2 RC2a, osCommerce 2.3.1
Uploaded 21 May 2012 by TiM | Downloaded 1 time(s)


User ID: 6
Location: Sweden

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