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One Step Checkout for 2.3

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Category: Core Features


Rated 4.44 of 5 (9 votes)

Losing customer sales due to a long checkout procedure? Tired of all those byggy non-friendly coded one page checkout add-ons? (No offense to the developers, it is some hard work.)

Introducing a 2 minute install add-on. An osCommerce friendly one page checkout - the way it should be done. No foreign code, everything is osCommerce native. No heavy core modding required.

The checkout supports AJAX turned on or off.

Note: Payment modules that require core modding or uses non friendly osCommerce tweaks will most likely not work. Is your payment module not listed? Drop me an e-mail and lets test it.

Compatible Payment Modules:
* Certitrade
* Clickgirot (3rd party module)
* Invoice
* Payson (3rd party module by TiM)
* Paynova/Netaxept (3rd party module by TiM)
* Paypal (3rd party module by TiM)
* Posten AB - Postförskott (3rd party module by TiM)
* Discount Codes
* Klarna (3rd party module by TiM.)
* Auriga/Nets

Non-compatible Payment Modules
* Klarna (Official module - just wrong)
* Paypal (Native osCommerce module - does not clean temp orders)

More modules to be tested...

Includes support for Discount Code by High Quality PHP Coding:

Development previews: (2.2) (2.3.1)

Try before you buy?
Determined that the quality of the add-on will satisfy you. You are more than welcome to try the add-on before you buy it. Send an e-mail to [email protected]

This add-on has been viewed by 12,886 users and downloaded 87 times.
Tags: one step checkout, one page checkout, ajax, jquery, oscommerce

Price: Free



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* Updated jQuery
- Removed livequery
* Minor improvements

osCommerce 2.3.1, osCommerce 2.3.3
Uploaded 13 Nov 2012 by TiM | Downloaded 56 time(s)


User ID: 6
Location: Sweden

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Date Thread
1 Jan one page checkout
1 Jan Work on 2.3.3?

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