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Category: Payment Modules


This is a standalone module that requires no modifications in your web shop. The module enables payment services by Klarna. It is mainly developed to leave 100% osCommerce compatibility, making it possible to install in a one page checkout system i.e. One Step Checkout.

The 4-in-1 module supporting:
* Klarna faktura (invoice)
* Klarna konto (credit account)
* Klarna delbetala (part payment)
* Klarna mobil (mobile payment)

The supported options and campaigns (called pclasses) are synchronized with your merchant account.

No XML-RPC framework or PHP extensions needed. Supports both cURL and PHP socket calls.

Instead of the huge official library and module by Klarna, which consists of 1.6 million characters, this module is only 2.5% the size. No need to waste any performance!

Plug \\\\\\\'n play!

This add-on has been viewed by 4,629 users and downloaded 63 times.
Tags: klarna, payment, module

Price: Free



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Rev. 1.0.6

* Updated Klarna conditions

osCommerce 2.2 MS1, osCommerce 2.2 MS2, osCommerce 2.2 RC2a, osCommerce 2.3.1, osCommerce 2.3.3
Uploaded 13 Nov 2012 by TiM | Downloaded 34 time(s)
Rev. 1.0.5
Rev. 1.0.4
Rev. 1.0.2
Rev. 1.0.1


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Location: Sweden

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